Our Returns Policy

What to do if you need to return a purchase

Regrettably, there are times when a purchase doesn’t meet expectations or arrives damaged, and so needs to be returned to us and/or replaced. If you find yourself in this situation we will always do our very best to help you and to give you complete satisfaction.

Once you’ve decided to make a return, please follow these steps:

  1. If any part of the item is already damaged when it reaches you then please contact us as soon as possible;
  2. For all other reasons for making a return you have 14 days in which to start making that return;
  3. To arrange for a return to be made, please get in touch with us by e-mail, telephone or this website’s contact form;
  4. Provide all the order details, including the product name, purchase date, your name, your e-mail address and your physical address;
  5. Please let us know why you’re returning your purchase;
  6. Give us your preferred option: replacement or refund;
  7. We will then arrange for the returning item to be collected from you;
  8. You will not need to pay for the return;
  9. Once we have received your returned item, we will then arrange for a replacement to be sent to you or refund to be made.

During the return and replacement/refund process please be patient, though we will endeavour to make the return and replacement/refund process as quick and simple as possible.

If you have any queries at all during the process just get in touch.

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