London : A Travel Guide Through Time


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Author: Dr Matthew Green

Published by:  Penguin Books

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London : A Travel Guide Through TimeStep back in time and discover the sights, sounds and smells of London through the ages in this enthralling journey into the capital’s rich, teeming and occasionally hazardous past. Let time traveller Dr Matthew Green be your guide to six extraordinary periods in London’s history – the ages of Shakespeare, medieval city life, plague, coffee houses, the reign of Victoria and the Blitz. We’ll turn back the clock to the time of Shakespeare and visit a savage bull and bear baiting arena on the Bankside.

In medieval London, we’ll circle the walls as the city lies barricaded under curfew, while spinning further forward in time we’ll inhale the ‘holy herb’ in an early tobacco house, before peering into an open plague pit. In the 18th century, we’ll navigate the streets in style with a ride on a sedan chair, and when we land in Victorian London, London : A Travel Guide Through Time will take us on a tour of freak-show booths and meet the Elephant Man. You’ll meet pornographers and traitors, actors and apothecaries, the mad, bad and dangerous to know, all desperate to show you the thrilling and vibrant history of the world’s liveliest city.


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