London Peculiars : A Guide to the City’s Offbeat Places


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Authors: Peter Ashley

Published by:  ACC Art Books

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London Peculiars : A Guide to the City’s Offbeat Places:   A peculiar can be defined as something that ‘has eccentric or individual variations to the general or predicted pattern’. And, as it turns out, London is overflowing with them. This pocket-sized book will accompany you around the capital, guiding you from the tent-shaped tomb designed for Victorian explorer Sir Richard Burton by his widow, Isabel Arundel Gordon; to what may be the last surviving porter’s rest in London; to a stone niche by a long-demolished foundling hospital where almost 15, 000 infants were discarded over the course of the 18th century.

Sometimes heroic, sometimes tragic, often amusing and always unexpected, these so-called ‘peculiars’ bring colour to the fabric of London. Whether you are a lifelong resident or a visitor passing through, London Peculiars is guaranteed to lead you on an adventure.


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