RSPB Garden Birds


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Author: Marianne Taylor

Published by: Bloomsbury Wildlife

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From urban rooftops to open meadows, the incredible diversity of gardens in the British Isles can provide refuge and feeding opportunities for a vast array of birds. Even the smallest gardens can attract some birdlife and watching garden birds is a great joy for all nature lovers, brightening each day and providing an immediate connection with the wider and wilder world beyond the fence. Nature is facing challenges throughout the world, including right here in the UK, and the changing fortunes of our garden birds are strong indicators of the overall health of our wildlife.

With information on how to encourage birds to visit our gardens and boost their survival and breeding success, and how to identify them, RSPB Garden Birds describes the small steps we can all take to help these birds survive the hardships of winter and bring forth a healthy new generation that we can recognise, appreciate and enjoy for decades to come.

RSPB Garden Birds is a lavish celebration of 47 of our most frequent and familiar garden birds, and the final chapter looks at some of the less regular – but equally welcome – visitors. Detailed biographies outline each species’ life history, distribution, behaviour and breeding habits, and an extensive introduction provides guidance on the general practicalities of garden birdwatching and managing a wildlife garden.

Featuring more than 200 spectacular photographs revealing every detail of our garden birds’ appearance and behaviour, this book will appeal to anyone who has discovered their love of wildlife through watching the birds in their garden.


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