RSPB Nature Guide : Wildlife


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Author: Catherine Brereton

Published by: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

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RSPB Nature Guide : Wildlife:   Do you know that rabbits eat their own poo? That butterflies taste with their feet? Or that starfish aren’t actually fish? This trusty companion guide uncovers all the mysteries of the extraordinary wildlife that surrounds us. From gorgeous foxgloves and strong oaks to wild foxes and slow snails, get ready to find out over 195 different animals, plants and other wildlife. There are so many wonderful living things to meet in this children’s spotter’s field guide, published in collaboration with the RSPB, the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe.

You will learn what a butterfly’s lifecycle looks like, what pretty flowers grow commonly in gardens and which mushrooms are best to steer clear from … they may be poisonous! This guide covers all grounds when it comes to nature. Whether you’re in a city park or on a walk in the woods, don’t ever leave your RSPB Nature Guide: Wildlife at home! With beautiful illustrations by Kate McLelland throughout, this is the perfect contemporary pocket guide for young wildlife watchers in-the-making and adult nature enthusiasts alike.


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