Wild Garden Weekends: Explore the Secret Gardens, Wild Meadows and Kitchen Garden Cafes of Britain


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Author: Tania Pascoe

Published by: Wild Things Publishing

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This stunning and original British travel guide charts lesser known gardens, spectacular meadows, the best kitchen garden food, plus wild places to camp and stay. From traditional cottage gardens and walled-gardens, to newly designed gardens planted for bees and nature, this is a timely book which will appeal to garden-lovers, foodies and nature-lovers of all ages. Includes Best For: Organic & Foraged Food; Wildflowers; Glamping Meadows; Kitchen Gardens, Birds, Bees & Butterflies; Ancient Orchards; Cottage Garden Classics; Rose Garden B&Bs; Secret Gardens; Urban Escapes; Naturalistic & Prairie Planting.

* The Wild Garden movement is one of Britain’s fastest growing garden trends * First guide of its kind guide, including food and accommodation, meadows and nature-friendly gardens, * Stunning photography, illustrated maps, * Wide family appeal – cuts across generations and brings food, adventure and the ‘wild’ into garden tourism. * Foreword by Chelsea Gold winner, Sarah Price.

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