Wild Ruins BC: The explorer’s guide to Britain’s ancient sites


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Author: Dave Hamilton

Published by: Wild Things Publishing

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Wild Ruins BC : The explorer’s guide to Britain’s ancient sites:   This book reveals the extraordinary tale of Britain’s human story before Christianity, from the first human footprints of 800,000 years ago, to ancient axe factories, rock art, stone circles, mountain burials, sunset hill forts, lost villages and temples to the dead. This guide is illustrated with stunning photography and design, and contains detailed instructions on how to visit each site, with GPX co-ordinates and maps. This book has wide family appeal, cutting across generations and bringing history alive. It also appeals to walkers and history buffs. There are also bucket lists, including best sites for kids and walkers, plus pubs, wildlife, views, adventurers, photographers and picnic sites. Wild Ruins BC is an odyssey through our nation’s rich and wild prehistory.


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