A look at some of Nigel’s books

A look at some of Nigel's books

On this page we’ll take a look at some of Nigel’s books. All the books showcased here are written, and usually photographed by, Nigel Hicks, and are mostly published by Aquaterra Publishing (ATP). All have been published since 2016, though Nigel has had many more books (totalling over 30) published throughout his 30+ year career.

Some of the books listed here have been produced by other publishers, most especially by John Beaufoy Publishing (JBP), an Oxford-based publisher that Nigel has worked with for many years.

Nigel’s ATP-published books are all about southwest England, covering travel and nature, while those produced by JBP cover travel and nature overseas, most especially in the Philippines.

Click on the links below to see Nigel’s books from each of the two publishers. Most are available for purchase here, so of course we really hope you’ll see something that you’d like to have.

A look at some of Nigel's books.

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