Nigel Hicks’ books about southwest England

All of Nigel’s books about southwest England are published by Aquaterra Publishing.

They include four books in the Portrait of a County series, largely a set of photo essays about different counties in the southwest.

A fifth book is Wild Southwest, a mixed text/photography book about the wildlife and natural landscapes of southwest England.

More titles are planned and will be up and coming in due course.

Find out about each of the books here…..>

Wild Southwest cover

Wild Southwest

Nigel’s ‘flagship’ southwest book, 160 pages, 300 photos and 25,000 words of text, showcasing the beauty and diversity of southwest England’s wildlife and natural landscapes.

Covering the counties of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, Wild Southwest takes the reader on a hugely visual journey through many of the region’s protected areas, as well as many of their most beautiful plants and animals.

Beautiful Devon cover

Beautiful Devon

The first title in Nigel’s Portrait of a County series, Beautiful Devon is very much a collection of vibrant photo essays showcasing many of Devon’s most beautiful places, as well as some of its most popular annual events.

With text limited to an introductory chapter and extended captions that explain the photo essays’ images, this is very much a photography-led book, providing a tour that is inspirational to both visitors and Devon residents.

Beautiful Somerset cover

Beautiful Somerset

Beautiful Cornwall cover

Beautiful Cornwall

Beautiful Dorset cover

Beautiful Dorset

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