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Throughout his writing and photography career, Nigel has produced a string of books about the Far East, ranging from China and Taiwan through to Malaysia and Japan.

In recent years, however, he has very much concentrated on the Philippines, a country he has spent much time travelling across. So on this page we introduce some of the most recent of those Philippines books.

All the Philippines books have been completely written and photographed by Nigel, and have been published by John Beaufoy Publishing, an Oxford-based niche publishing company. Nigel has worked with JBP since the company’s foundation nearly 20 years ago.

All five books here fit into the genres of travel and nature, frequently cutting across the boundaries between these to showcase the Philippines as a fantastic spot for ecotourism.

The books are listed as follows:

Wild Philippines cover

Wild Philippines

With evocative photography and informative text by Nigel, Wild Philippines is the very first in-depth international overview of the wildlife and its conservation in the Philippines.

The book introduces the range of tropical habitats found in the Philippines, and then goes on to describe some of its most unique species, animals and plants that can be found nowhere else.

The book rounds off with a summary of some of the country’s most important protected areas.

Blue Skies Guide to the Philippines

Blue Skies Travel Guide to the Philippines

BSTG Philippines is a travel guide book – written and photographed by Nigel – with an ecological twist. It concentrates on those locations across the Philippines that will most appeal to the adventurer and explorer, looking at mountains to hike over, coral reefs to dive on, and cycle routes to travel along.

This is a fantastic introduction to the wild heart of the Philippines for those that want to explore rather than just laze on a beach.

Journey through the Philippines cover

Journey through the Philippines

A highly illustrated coffee-table kind of book, Journey through the Philippines takes the reader through the country, starting in its far north and finishing in the far south. Along the way, it stops in 30 of the country’s most well known visitor locations. These range from the stunning sandy beaches of Boracay and Panglao, to the vibrant urban scenes in Manila and Cebu.

A truly superb companion to any exploration of this magnificent tropical country.

Enchanting Philippines

Enchanting Philippines

Very much a photo-led book, Enchanting Philippines is essentially a series of photo essays that showcase some of the Philippines’ most well known visitor attractions, ranging from sands of Panglao Island to the mountains of the northern part of Luzon.

This is a great memento of a beautiful country for both visitors and locals alike.

The Philippines: the Most Beautiful Places

The Philippines: the Most Beautiful Places

A landscape-format coffee-table type of book, The Philippines: the Most Beautiful Places takes the reader on a visual tour around many of the country’s most beautiful places, richly illustrated with Nigel’s vibrant photography.

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