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Welcome to the new Aquaterra Publishing site!

A completely redesigned and revised site, along with a new purpose

Canvas prints. Photographic prints.

Celebrating the new Aquaterra Publishing site

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New design, new products

Welcome to the new Aquaterra Publishing site! Along with a complete revamp of the website’s design, so the purpose of Aquaterra Publishing has changed.

We’re no longer publishing and selling only the products of professional photographer Nigel Hicks, but also now selling materials from many other producers. You’ll see this immediately in the hugely increased range of books available, now on sale here from a wide range of publishers.

Books, prints and greetings cards

Our three main product areas will be books, photographic prints and photographic greetings cards. Take a look below for a quick preview.

Coastal Britain: England and Wales. A new Aquaterra Publishing site.


We now have a growing number and range of books available through the Aquaterra Publishing website, not just those few published by Aquaterrra Publishing.

We’re going to be concentrating on non-fiction books about nature and travel, and initially most especially about the UK (though there are a few overseas books included).

So, if you’re looking for a book that describes or is a guide to a certain part of the UK, look here for it. Hopefully, you’ll find what you need.

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Assorted prints. A new Aquaterra Publishing site.

Photographic prints

Our high quality photographic prints are produced art quality papers and inks, ensuring a long-lived product.

They are available in three formats: a) printed on canvas and stretched over a wooden frame; b) sandwiched between two sheets of acrylic ‘glass’; or c) printed as high quality posters on photographic paper. For each option, a choice of three printing sizes is available.

The canvas and acrylic printing styles give you ready-to-hang wall art, while the poster printing provides you with a print that you can mount and display in any way you choose.

At present, all the photography is by professional photographer Nigel Hicks, but the choice will be expanded to further photographers in due course.

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Photographic greetings cards

Greetings cards

Photographic greetings cards that focus on landscapes of England’s southwest and on wildlife portraits, both UK and overseas animals.

At present, we’re making the cards available simply as multicard packs, but individual card sales will be made available in the coming weeks.

Although the range we have available right now is rather small, this will grow with time, as new products are added.

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Happy shopping!

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